The Work

Who's on the job?

Let’s skip to the end. Bank of Nature is up and running and whatever hurdles we jumped to achieve operations are well behind us.

Now, we’re doing the work.

We are making nature. We are a nature proxy. We have big money partners and we’re working independently of traditional industry and government.

Who is going to work at Bank of Nature? What will be the focus of the job?

What departments are actively fulfilling our mission?

Our design initiative engages transdisciplinary thinkers to imagine a world already sustainable. For us, that means imaging a Bank of Nature hard at work.


Our office of planet-scale science that executes the most impactful science-based strategies for endgame sustainability.


Our office of planet-scale social science focused on the human/non-human health, geopolitics and equity in endgame sustainability.

Make more Nature

Our office of R&D that regenerates nature, rehabilitates geobiochemical processes, and innovates toward endgame sustainability

Fiduciary Finance

Our office of cashflow, where fiduciary obligations meet fiduciary money to power stewardship for endgame sustainability.

Proxy Relations

Our office of diplomacy, working to maximize our relationship with traditional industry and government and negotiate for nature.


Our office of policy about and enforcement of the collection of payments to offset the negative consequences of society to nature.


Our office of official hearings, infractions, appeals, and other matters for  a court of consequence to police us toward endgame sustainability.


Our office of deal-making, decommissioning toxic industries, capitalizing nature-building innovation and buying endgame sustainability.


Our office of reporting, performance metrics, and other ways of reporting on our progress that tracks our path to endgame sustainability.


Our office of long-term planning, planet-scale thinking and path-making toward our goal of endgame sustainability.

Earthling Relations

Our office of people, resident of Earth, and other non-human inhabitants that are along for the ride toward endgame sustainability.


Our future office of banking operations, but only when we are the bank working with our partners to pay for endgame sustainability.

Bank of Nature is The Untaken Safer Alternative, the next last line of defense in the climate impasse and a strategy to reengage fiduciary values in an economy that takes care of the future. We invite contributions that make connections, improve our plan and move it forward.