The Untaken Safer Alternative

Through Fiduciary Economics toward Endgame Sustainability

Bank of Nature's planet-scale proposal to deliver a dignified future

A work in progress

Bank of Nature is a program of the nonprofit organization Cape Cod Center for Sustainability. With the early support of Arizona State University and others, we are examining new ways to address the climate impasse at scale — with the tools and resources we have on hand. That means:

  • Behemoth trillion-dollar public pensions
    that dominate the economy but are untapped
    as stewards of climate security —
    as, we argue, they were designed.

  • An exploration of the power of fiduciary duty
    as a social contract with enforceable terms and conditions
    that provides a model for positive economic change.

  • Paving the “untaken safer alternative” path
    that veers the status quo toward endgame sustainability.

Bank of Nature is The Untaken Safer Alternative, the next last line of defense in the climate impasse and a strategy to reengage fiduciary values in an economy that takes care of the future. We invite contributions that make connections, improve our plan and move it forward.