Value vs. Values

The climate crisis and other planet-scale pandemics are made worse by a society of value versus values. We have system set up to maximize monetary profits regardless of the social ills that growth imperative creates — like social and environmental insecurity.

In corporate finance, value refers to selling price, either of shares traded on exchanges like stock markets, or in the ownership of equity in a business either whole or broken into parts. It’s an exit strategy: to extract as much value from an investment.

Today, fiduciary money like pension funds are trapped in corporate finance and, as a result, typically act with that same value-based priority, regardless of the social costs. All that, while fiduciary money is constituted with stewardship values.

Bank of Nature is inventing a fiduciary finance to capitalize values. Fiduciaries, in exercising stewardship and a full definition of fiduciary duty to current and future members, can negotiate transactions at scale that reflect values. That could be prioritizing cash flows to foster quality of life, a safer alternative path for future generations, or the sharing of surpluses to address equity, locally and globally, today and tomorrow. Forever.