Thinking at scale

Oddly, for a species that has dominated the planet through industry and government, we think small when it comes to a pandemic like the climate crisis. Rolling out a climate remedy at planet-scale seems to complex or too expensive. Maybe it’s too risky or comes with its own fraught challenges that make big ideas not feasible.

However, if we gave science all the money that science needs to solve the climate crisis, regardless of the business and political impacts, we would find it difficult to start to spend it on the really big ideas that are uncapitalized because of their cost. It’s not impossible, just difficult, because our conventional methods have been smaller, regional, lab-based and not scaled to seven-continent, synchronous strategies.

Thinking at scale is something we need to learn and one of the first investments from Bank of Nature will be a generation of scientists and others who are taught to think in planet-scale terms.

To clarify, we might also “think big”, as in audacious, but “thinking at scale” reflects strategic planning and execution that extend beyond borders and hemispheres to consider what’s reasonable at scale of the challenge.

Thinking at scale

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