Prioritized cash flows

The power of fiduciary money is the power to negotiate. The power of negotiation is the power to infuse values of quality of life, safer alternatives for future generations and equity sharing into the way business does business.

This is what gives Bank of Nature its voice to speak as a proxy for nature — like the environment, human dignity and non-human vitality, as global priorities.

Bank of Nature’s Evergreen Equity Payback method of fiduciary financing offers two features that are uniquely well suited to the fiduciary purposes of fiduciary money: priority paybacks and prioritized cash flows.

Priority paybacks speak to the fiscal fiduciary duties of fiduciary money, to generate cash flows sufficient to meet actuarial assumptions (or endowment equivalents).

Prioritized cash flows speak to the physical fiduciary duties of fiduciary money, to finance a good life, or at least “do no harm”, for their beneficiaries and all of society.

Through negotiated agreements with enterprising visionaries, Bank of Nature can use fiduciary money to prioritize:

  1. Popularity in the social contract between enterprise and popular choice;
  2. Sufficiency in the cash flows to Bank of Nature as its fiduciary financier;
  3. Fair Trade through all supply chains;
  4. Accountability to society through compliance with the letter and the spirit of the law, business ethics and community engagement;
  5. Paying nature currently for what society takes out of nature through the enterprise;
  6. Fair pay, benefits and working conditions;
  7. Fair dealing with customers and competitors in all distribution channels; and
  8. Fair sharing between enterprising visionaries and their various financiers (fiduciary or otherwise).

This is in contrast to what happens in corporate finance, when all these values get squeezed out in order to grow profits that grow share price and delivers liquidity in the markets.

Prioritizing cash flows for paying nature currently is a primary point of connection between Bank of Nature and fiduciary finance. It is what gives Bank of Nature the power to speak with a voice for nature as a proxy for nature. It  establishes social norms for internalizing the costs of maintaining a good relationship with nature that reflect the true cost of business and the true prices of goods bought and sold within the economy.