Bank of Nature's Manifesto

We see

Climate change as an eviction notice from nature. For too long now, humanity has extracted value from nature without terms, like interest, fees and penalties. We are in default and misguided in believing that there will always be more nature to take without our debt to nature coming due.  We see a sustainability endgame with both environmental and human dignity security that comes from a two-way human-nature partnership.

We believe

Fiduciary money is the tool that humanity can use to change our relationship with nature, from extractive to interactive. That’s money with a mission and money that is distinct from speculative corporate finance, short-term market trading or political capital corrupted by corporate capture. Fiduciary money is guided by intergenerational fiduciary loyalties, the obligations to negotiate better terms through prudent stewardship and the imperative to live on in perpetuity.

We choose

An interactive human-nature partnership that guides us toward endgame sustainability. We are invested in creating an economy that is inclusive of externalities and our debt to nature — our two-way human-nature partnership. Through our independent proxy for nature, we will direct fiduciary money to enterprises that work to realize a future made sustainable, both environmentally and socially,  and to “Make More Nature” toward endgame sustainability.

We empower

Common sense, nature-building people, of relevant knowledge and intention, to be fiduciaries of our planet-scale solutions. They will exercise fiduciary prudence for fiduciary owners of fiduciary money with the overarching goasl of global stewardship and intergenerational loyalty. We empower enterprise to engage with the crises at scale and join us in the benefits of a two-way, economic human-nature partnership made real through fiduciary money and finance.

Bank of Nature is The Untaken Safer Alternative, the next last line of defense in the climate impasse and a strategy to reengage fiduciary values in an economy that takes care of the future. We invite contributions that make connections, improve our plan and move it forward.