Negotiated agreements

The power of a Bank of Nature Evergreen Equity Payback deal is that it negotiates values (vs. value) into deals with enterprises to contribute to fiduciary finance. These agreements define common sense prudence and intergenerational loyalty.

Constructing a Base Case allows Bank of Nature to negotiate with enterprising visionaries line item budget allowances that infuse fiduciary values into the conduct of commerce. These include:

  1. Popularity in the social contract with popular choice (which generates the revenues that make the whole thing work);
  2. Sufficiency in the cash that flows back to Bank of Nature as a fiduciary financier;
  3. Fair Trade through all supply chains;
  4. Accountability to Society through compliance with the letter and the spirit of the law, business ethics and community engagement;
  5. Paying Nature Currently for what society takes out through that enterprise (i.e. environmental/ecological impacts);
  6. Fair Pay, Benefits and Working Conditions;
  7. Fair Dealing with customers and competitors in all distribution channels; and
  8. Fair Sharing between enterprise visionaries and their financiers (fiduciary or otherwise).

We, as individuals, do not really have the standing to participate in any of these negotiations, directly, but as reasonable people of relevant knowledge and experience in deciding what kind of society, economy and future we want, we all have real personal agency, when we come together, in setting the legal standards of prudence to which Bank of Nature must adhere in service to its fiduciary funding sources.

Bank of Nature will create exciting new possibilities for individual participation in community engagement in globally curated conversations about who the fiduciary owners of our Pensions & Endowments can and should be negotiating, and what they can and should be negotiating for.

In the world we live in today, a world of Finance 5.0, in which Pensions & Endowments are trapped inside the institutional structures for social decision making through Exchanges & Funds, there is no exit from endless exits for enterprise that uses Corporate Finance for its financing. Growth in share price is the Prime Directive, and there is not alternative to share price growth.  Every public markets owned incorporated enterprise is eventually forced to conglomerate in order to sustain its share price growth, transforming itself from a business doing business in the physical economy Рon Main Street Рinto a mutual fund buying and selling other enterprises in order to maintain its share price on Wall Street.

The only other option is to sell out to some other conglomerating corporation, or go out of business.

Private Equity is not really a choice, because Private Equity as it is currently practiced just a time-out from trading. Not a permanent exit from exits.

This is driving Modern Finance into dysfunction characterized by:

  1. Corporate Gigantism;
  2. Economic Elitism;
  3. Corporate Capture of Politics and Public Opinion;
  4. Political Divisiveness;
  5. Financial System Instability;
  6. Pension/Retirement Systems Unreliability;
  7. Social and Environmental Injustice in the Conduct of Commerce; and
  8. Inaction on climate and other changes taking place in our changing times that call for action at the scale of climate.

Bank of Nature can end this dysfunction and restore function by upgrading from Finance 5.0 to a new Finance 6.0 by setting Pensions & Endowments free from Corporate Capture and provide enterprise an evergreen alternative to corporate conglomeration.