Is nature a bank?

Yes, Nature is a Bank. As the metaphor goes, Mother Nature is the bank manager. She’s about to evict us.

Bank of Nature is in a design process to remake our relationship to nature through a thriving global economy. Our design inspirations:

NEED: Society is stuck and climate change is upon us — a human-inflicted condition that can be remedied with an investment in nature, rather than a sacrifice of economy. Bank of Nature wants to make  more nature.

STRATEGY: Create a safe alternative path to climate security and intergenerational cooperation powered 1) by global pensions and endowments with stewardship missions and minimum fiduciary duties to future generations, and 2) the full offset payments of negative externalities by industry and government.

ACTION: Establish Bank of Nature as an independent, legal proxy for nature and an at-scale focal point for long-horizon stewardship, direct investment in the global commons, and a driver of  the law of intergenerational fiduciary duty. Engage directly with pension and endowment money to invest in climate security initiatives, negotiate climate-building agreements with enterprises and create financial returns for their members today and in the future.

IMPACT: Co-create a new financial and climate partnership ecosystem to pay rent to nature, rehabilitate nature, detoxify industry and government and capitalize return-producing, science driven enterprises that “Make more Nature”.

GOAL: A thriving economy through climate security.

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