Make more nature

One of Bank of Nature’s biggest design questions is this:

If it didn’t sound fanatical, what would it mean to make more nature?

See below the choice we’re discussing.

Business as usual, our status quo, is about depleting nature. We extract from nature value that gets manufactured, distributed, consumed, and, eventually, converted into waste. Sustainability practices have definitely improved this sequence in making it “less bad”, but the focus is on taking what we want.

The opposite of this status quo is to rebuild nature — or engage in a mutual partnership with nature and extending its ability to support life through its complex geobiochemical processes. ¬†This is the idea behind “make more nature”.

There are proponents of regenerative strategies that are inline with make more nature and Bank of Nature wants to build on the vision at scale and with fiduciary money that has the scope and mission to engage in the science and execution of make more nature initiatives.

Macro economics builds value from scarcity. Our Bank of Nature is based on sufficiency in perpetuity. The dovetails with the obligations of funds that must live in perpetuity for the present and future members. A proxy for nature that succeeds as the economy succeeds, creating a win for the environment and other planet-scale concerns, is growth in value from abundance.

How would you make more nature?

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