A role for individuals

In this early stage, Bank of Nature is designed as n institution for institutions. That means we are a proxy for nature that can focus the large stewardship funds like pensions and endowments into planet-scale initiatives that move us toward endgame sustainability.

We hope, eventually, to be able to offer an option for individuals to engage with these ideas like the institutions. We have a ways to go and, presently, we do not offer any banking services nor are we an actual bank. Remember, this is applied imagination at work.

You can help by asking your pension funds or investments how they are acting on their fiduciary duty not only to you, but future generations. Those funds are supposed to live forever. What is their plan to do that, with all the complicating global crises that amplify uncertainty?

Fiduciary finance, our Bank of Nature strategy, is a social contract between you and your fiduciary trustee. That is a direct line from you to big money that has the power to unify toward a good Anthropocene and endgame sustainability. That’s where your power lies to change the status quo.

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