At Bank of Nature, we acknowledge that humans are nature. We are animals and we are biological beings that are made viable by the unique geobiochemical processes that Earth offers us in a thin, fragile blue atmosphere.

We may be many things, but every one of us 7.8 billion people are earthlings. Regardless of our nationality or our privilege or our abilities, we are nature and we are earthlings.

Convention might make a fact like that awkward. We’re not raised in the belief that we belong to a planet. We are patriots. We are faithful. We are enterprising. We are rarely earthlings who share a common goal, like endgame sustainability.

Customers of Bank of Nature are earthlings investing in themselves as parts of nature.

Nation states and other arbitrary social constructs that make invisible barriers between humans and nature are quite consequential barriers to planet-scale strategies that address global pandemics of social and environmental strife. Our estrangement from nature or our allegiance to constructs that work to diminish nature — these are conventional modes of thinking that Bank of Nature challenges head on.

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