At Bank of Nature, a core principle is that dignity matters. In a society in which profits are maximized by cheap inputs, like labor, we see the impacts of traditional corporate finance has on people. Global trade and transnational corporations, working with governments eager for the business, have diminished human dignity and the vitality of non-humans.

Dignity can be negotiated by investors with stewardship missions to elevate people through fiduciary finance and sufficiency. At Bank of Nature, we focus on “values vs. value” and negotiate agreements that uphold values like dignity.

With our teams of social scientists and justice advocates, Bank of Nature will use fiduciary finance to address pandemics of poverty, education, public health and other negative drags on dignity and to ensure the investment is culturally relevant.

We focus a lot on personal agency and the relevance of humanity in a status quo of systems that seem designed to diminish both. Humans are nature. Nature is under siege by an extractive status quo. A two-way human-nature economic partnership would work toward justice and equity globally that does not yet happen.

Prosperity can be about sufficiency and dignity within a good Anthropocene.

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