Definition – Fiduciary Finance

Fiduciary Finance is an bold, innovative and practical new form of finance created by design for the Fiduciary Owners of Fiduciary Money to unleash their fiduciary powers of size, purpose, time and technology to negotiate to honor their fiduciary duties to now and later by financing enterprises through negotiated agreement on cash flows that are priorities for:

  • Popularity in their social contract with popular choice;
  • Sufficiency in their cash flow distribution to their fiduciary financiers;
  • Fair Trade in their supply chains;
  • Accountability to Society through compliance with the letter and the spirit of the law, business ethics and community engagement;
  • Paying Nature Currently for what society takes out through that enterprise;
  • Fair Pay, Benefits and Working Conditions
  • Fair Dealing with customers and competitors through their distribution channels
  • Fair Sharing between enterprising visionaries and their financiers, fiduciary and otherwise