About Us

Who We Are

Bank of Nature is part environmental philosophy, part finance reform, part fiduciary law innovation and part economic transformation — pointed at the “Untaken Safer Alternative Path”.

The engine is fiduciary finance and the trillion-dollar aggregated savings designed to deliver a dignified future.

The vision is long-horizon climate security and all the social benefits that cascade from that.

  • Can nature be a bank?
  • What gets us to endgame sustainability?
  • Is government the last line of defense?
  • What operates at the scale of climate?
  • What is the pension promise, and how does it affect all 8B of us?

The creation of history’s first planet-scale proxy for nature is the channel for that stewardship with the single focus: Address planet-scale crises regardless of a growth motive. This site is full of big ideas. We hope you engage with them.

Bank of Nature is a program of Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, a 501c not-for-profit social enterprise based in Provincetown, MA USA. We use transdisciplinary experts in substantive collaboration to innovate new ideas that challenge conventional practices.

We are not yet a bank and offer no banking services.

Our Team

Ian Edwards

Tim MacDonald

Cape Cod Center for Sustainability

We’re designing a safer alternative path through nature-building financial stewardship and a new economic human-nature partnership

Our cofounders

Bank of Nature is The Untaken Safer Alternative, the next last line of defense in the climate impasse and a strategy to reengage fiduciary values in an economy that takes care of the future. We invite contributions that make connections, improve our plan and move it forward.